In his recent appearance on “Someone Who Isn't Me” was asked about SLIPKNOT’s musical evolution on the forthcoming albums:
“It's something me and (SLIPKNOT percussionist and mastermind) Clown have talked about; me and Clown have talked about that a bit… where the band is going to go. Because we've done it — we've done the crazy shit, we've done… At some point, we'll have to evolve again. 'Cause we've evolved with every album. At some point, it has to mean something other than just the fucking insanity. And I think, in a lot of ways, it does now, but we're all still young enough that we can pull it off physically. So it'll be interesting to see, 'cause I think, in the future, we'll make it less about the angst and the insanity and more about the creativity, because there's so many creative people in this band that… I mean, fuck, man, we could make, you know, twelve albums of just crazy, gnarly shit and it wouldn't have to be just balls-out war every time. So, I mean, it's definitely something we're thinking about. But at the same time, I mean, you just never know. You just never know."
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