SCOTT IAN: DIMEBAG made drinking look like Disney World
"If we didn't tour with PANTERA in '97 and '98, I can safely say… I mean, maybe at some point I would have started, but it would have still been even more years; I would have started even later. I wouldn't have just started drinking whiskey on my own, let's put it that way. As a matter of fact, DIMEBAG was the only one who could get me to drink, because any other times I was around… Since my late teens, I was around booze and drugs constantly — around it — I just never wanted to partake; I wasn't good at it. And certainly even in my 30s, I was around it all the time; I'd go out to bars all the time, fancy clubs and all that kind of shit, but I just wasn't… I wasn't drinking. I had the opportunity; it's just I was never interested. DIMEBAG made it look like Disney World. You wanna be involved from the time you're 4 until you're 80. He made drinking look like Disney World."