Corey TAYLOR explained in a press conference (KNOTFEST Mexico) what made METAL so special. According to him, it's because METAL has no limit and no pressure that OUR FUCKING COMMUNITY is so creative.
As Corey says:
"I think it’s gonna go wherever it needs to go. I mean, that’s the beautiful thing about metal music. Because there’s no real pressure on metal music, it kind of goes where it wants to go. There’s always pressure on pop music or hip-hop to go one way or the other, but with metal music, because it’s still so underground, it can kind of go wherever it wants to; it has no form.”
But also and especially because: “It can experiment when it wants to. It can go back to a more traditional sound if it wants to, it can go into places that we never expected it to. So I think it’s the last form of music that really has no restraint. If I had to say where it was gonna go specifically, I don’t know. But that’s the exciting thing. Because when you hear it, you’re, like, Oh, that’s fucking amazing! So you just never know.”
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Slipknot Corey Taylor